Deeper thinking

Our ongoing series of research pieces which explore how emerging technologies will change our lives.

Throughout our work we see certain trends develop and anticipate the impact they will have. We publish a new research project about once a month.


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How we developed an AR installation inspired by Thailand's Songkran (New Year) festival, made as part of the 8th Wall ‘Time Travel’ Challenge.

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Development journey of an AR installation inspired by Thailand's Songkran (New Year) festival, made as part of the 8th Wall ‘Time Travel’ Challenge

As the days gradually lengthen, and months of winter for some of us, we’re turning to the rejuvenating effects of sunlight while waiting for spring. And whats interesting is sometimes virtual sunlight will do.

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An image of a man on a horse standing on the edge of a cliff facing the bright sunlight

This is a time of merging. We explore the Apple Vision Pro, Quest 3, and what happens when we add a digital layer over the real world. We're wondering how adding that layer could add meaning for us, but without taking any away.

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A portrait of a woman looking up aganst a dark background with a flash of light on her forehead

A long-read on our project Camp Century, a meticulously reconstructed version of a Cold War scientific and military base using Unreal Engine.

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An unusual cold war era truck driving in a snowstorm

Exploring accessibility design principles in augmented and mixed reality interaction.

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Liam walking through a Bangkok supermarket isle experimenting with an AR experience to better understand AR UX principles

An update on our Arts Council funded project Being Waves, an immersive realtime exploration of how audiences can connect through music in new and innovative ways.

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A woman holding her hand up to a large particle-based sun projected onto the surface of a wall

People these days aren’t what they seem. Or to put it another way: it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell apart the real from the digital, and the humans from the bots.

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A frame from the Black Mirror episode Beyond The Sea featuring Aaron Paul, as he sits behind the controls of a space capsule