Innovation Research & Design, World Building

What kind of future are we building together?

Many of the rapid technological changes we're experiencing today are part of longer-term trends. And the future isn't just technology. It’s culture. Economics. History. Philosophy. And of course, the climate crisis. We do deep research into how the world is changing and can give you meaningful insight to understand the longer term trends relevant to your product or organization.

Concept art of digital greenery, a person walking through an urban street in the evening, futuristic cityscape, holographic displays, soft lighting, digital reflections on glass surfaces, a feeling of tranquility and connection with nature amidst advanced technology

We work actively on all types of new technology, and through our work we research, design & build many custom solutions for the implementation of emerging technologies. We look at the bigger picture, but also the micro-level issues. We are deeply curious of the practical reality of the future we are building together.

A personal photo from the Berlinale festival World Building workshop, hosted by Alex McDowell and Juan Diaz, showing a small group of people sitting around a table listening to Alex talking

We can help you extrapolate forward with your priorities in mind, and explore near-future scenarios to understand what is coming . This could mean working together on an open-ended exploration, whether that's brainstorming, research, or prototyping something specific.

A photo of Anrick on stage at OFFF Barcelona

We regularly talk at festivals and conferences around the world about how we see the near term future develop. Among many others, we have spoken at AWS, FMX, Digital Design Days, FITC and OFFF Barcelona.