A New Realities Studio

We are an R&D studio exploring new products and content formats.

Using AR, VR, and AI tools, we create immersive and spatial experiences. We draw on 20 years of knowledge and expertise at the forefront of emerging technology and storytelling.

Immersive (VR)

We create original immersive content for the Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro headsets. We have extensive expertise in real-time game engine and virtual production technology, a deep understanding of complex production pipelines, and hands on knowledge of many toolsets, spanning across all immersive formats as well as installations and location-based entertainment.

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Spatial (AR)

We have extensive knowledge of the spatial ecosystem, and of the whole AR production pipeline, from concept to delivery. We are deeply passionate about augmented and virtual reality, spatial/volumetric video, spatial technology, and the ways these are merging with AI.

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Innovation Design

We offer a specific service focused on future design & strategy consultancy which includes deep integration with your team to do rapid prototyping, R&D, future scenario planning, innovation strategies around the impact of AI, customer and market research, and granular design and development.

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The logos of the various companies and organizations we have partnered with over the past years.

We have partnered with companies and organizations around the world, to blend art, design and technology, delivering unforgettable, boundary-pushing projects.